Finding creative ways to make information accessible, has been a huge part of Mona’s work. She produces and presents a radio show, highlighting social issues she experiences in her work. Its success lead to co-hosting features on BBC Radio London.

In 2018 she set up the media channel Untelevised TV, in partnership with Filmanthropy, to showcase grassroots woking and those fighting for social change.

Writing & features include:

Ethical Consumer Magazine, Evening Standard, Lankelly Chase Foundation, Blagrave Trust, Demos think tank, Wicked Leeks and Islington Life.

mona bbc
"Mona’s unique in her ability to combine research skills, policy knowledge and extremely strong project management skills. She’s also a fantastic writer. Whether it’s a policy maker or young person, she’s an extremely effective communicator, engaging substantively on a wide range of issues. Most of all she’s passionate, committed and extremely reliable."